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Mampe & Co is a Top Rated private jeweler in Philly. With contacts around the globe Mampe & Co can locate the exact diamond you desire at prices much lower than a typical jewelry store. Browse through our Diamond Stock.

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Large selection. Custom made and designed on premises

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Any size including private individuals, banks, and law firms

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Richard E. Mampe, Private Jeweler & Consultant

Diamond Buying Guide

This is one of the most special purchases you may ever make. Take your time - DO THE RESEARCH. Get a good sense of what you're looking for in a diamond and engagement ring. Learn the "Diamond Four C's". Read our Buying Guide for Diamonds before making your purchase with any jeweler, jewelry store, or online.

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Our objective is to find you the finest quality diamond at the best possible price. We have numerous contacts around the world and over 35 years of experience enabling us to locate a diamond in the exact shape, size, and quality you desire - at a price that will astonish you. We are committed to a 100% satisfaction rate.